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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Building your Dungeon!

Each adventure, each session, and each GM is unique. As an artist I wanted to create tiles and props that allow you to have visuals that represent that same uniqueness from game to game.  I also wanted quick builds, giving you the GM, the ability to manipulate layout and content quickly while maintaining a sense of newness to each tile.

With each new Blanks set I spend a considerable amount of time making sure each is compatible with the existing sets, and that each Elements set is scaled and colored accordingly for use within the tiles.  I feel this is important because for me this content should always be in the background, bringing focus to your painted miniatures, both real and digital. I don’t think it works if you have this great mini (PC or Monster) on top of a tile or map that looks like the side of the Partridge Family bus. It just ends up being a mash of colors. 

In the example below all existing tile and prop sets are represented, though only limited items from each have been used. With each Blanks/Elements set released the possibilities expand even more to create a unique dungeon setting for each session. 

So no more pretending that a pre-printed item is not there when you reuse the same card-stock tiles over and over again, now it is time to take out Roll20, or your favorite mapping tool and make your own tiles. - Greg

Dungeon Tiles Compatibility Map

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